About Us

We are a consolidated group who has more than 15 years working for a common benefit, what is it? A return of smiles to people.

In Clinica Dental Integral it is of highest importance that our patients recieve kind, understanding and high quality treatment.

All of our dentists are qualified and certificated. They have over 15 years of professional experience. We are always invovled in continous advancement to offer our patients more treatment options and to recommend the best soluation as needed, or to meet the preference of the patient.

We believe that Dental Clinic Integral is the best option for you because we are care about the satisfaction of all our patients.

Our Mission

  • To distinguish ourselves by the kindness and quality of our service. Both in local and international communities.
  • To have a team of professionals who are friendly that meet the needs of our patients
  • To remain at the forefront of technological advances in dental service.
  • To foster a relationship of trust with our patients. This being based on providing the best for our clients through quality service and ensuring satisfaction.


  • To be recognized in Mexico, United States and Canada as the best dental option.
  • To grow without neglecting warmth of personal touch.
  • To be reconized by people as a trusted place to turn to improve oral health and appearance