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We’ll give you a good reason to smile! We are a Tijuana Dental Clinic in constant improvement, certified by the Quality Assurance consultants in the United States and exclusively contracted by ten HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) Prepaid Dental Programs.

We Accept Most Major US Dental Insurance

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About us

We are a considered a comprehensive dental clinic because we offer quality, warmth, professionalism and experience integrated as a whole in our service. At Clínica Dental Integral we are focused to provide our patients a kind, understanding  and total quality service. All of our Dental Professionals are certified and licensed with over 15 years of professional practice. We strive for continuous improvement to provide our patients with more treatment options and suggest the best solution according to their needs and preferences. We believe to be your best choice because at Clínica Dental Integral we are concerned for the entire satisfaction of our patients.

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Our Mission

  • Stand out for our warmth and quality service among local and international communities.
  • Maintain a professional and friendly staff that meets the expectations of our patients.
  • To be on the forefront of cutting edge dental service technologies.
  • To give our best in order to encourage a trusting relationship with our patients based on satisfaction and quality service.

Our Vision

  • To be recognized in Mexico, United States and Canada as your best dental service provider.
  • Expand the clinic without overlooking our friendly personal approach.
  • Position ourselves in the patient’s minds as a trusted dental provider to improve their oral health and appearance.

Dental services for the entire family



(Root canal, maxillo-facial, orthodonthics, periodontics)


Cosmetic dentistry

(Metal free mouth, implants, veneers, bonding, complete oral rehabilitation)


Smile Makeover

(Gum contouring, E. Max venners, whitening, implants)


We are just 5 minutes away from the border line. We offer FREE parking.

If you are one of those persons who like to make the best out of your trip to Tijuana, the mall we are located at has a variety of restaurants offering Mexican, Japanese, Italian, Chinese foods, deli and coffee shops. If you are interested in Mexican produce and products we have a market across the street; because your visit does not have to be dull and boring!

Visiting from somewhere far

In the last few year Tijuana has been focused on medical tourism that is why the infrastructure and safety of the city has been improved. The peace of mind and joy of the tourists is our priority. You can rest assured knowing that the people of Tijuana cares for your safety and satisfaction.  

Due to the increasing tourism needs the majority of hotels in Tijuana offer transportation to your medical appointment. A room in a good hotel could be available for $80.00 USD per night. In case you would like to spend a few days in Tijuana to finish your dental treatment, please feel free to contact us to our US phone line at (619) 270-2243 so we can suggest you a couple of hotels offering such service.

Another reason to choose Tijuana as your best dental treatment option is our excellent gastronomy. You can find all sorts of food options from the famous and tasty taco shop on the street corner to signature restaurants. You can experience our Baja-med cuisine or the internationally recognized original Caesar salad.

Another advantage of Tijuana is the proximity to the United States. If you are coming from CANADA and enjoy traveling in RV; the city of San Diego offers tranquil RV parks for you to rest and once we schedule your appointment, our staff can pick you up there.

So you can spend your vacation on a pleasant weather while you have your dental treatment done for a less expensive cost compared to Los Algodones, B.C.