Root Canals in Tijuana

Having pain in the tooth whenever you eat something, tenderness in the gum or swollen gums? Well, these are the signs of infection in the root canal of your teeth. A root canal is a hollow segment under the top layers of tooth like enamel and dentin, containing the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth. It is also known as pulp chamber or canal. When infection persists in this area, it infects the nerves making tooth feel sensitive and ultimately infects the entire tooth, forcing a dentist to remove it.

A long time ago, it was common for people to die due to tooth infection or an abscessed tooth. Infection can occur due to various reasons like the growth of bacteria; the occurrence of any splinter in the root canal etc. may damage the pulp. If it is not removed or treated on time, it can lead to serious infection resulting in an abscessed tooth. If you are having pain in the tooth or your gums, have swollen then you must go to a root canal specialist as he will tell you if you need a root canal treatment or not. If you do not need any treatment, then the dentist will only treat you with antibiotics. Otherwise, he will undergo a root canal surgery.

What is a root canal surgery?

The ENDODONCY specialty of dentistry is responsible for curing these diseased teeth to keep them in the mouth using a special procedure. Endodontics or root canal is a procedure whereby the pulp of a tooth affected, damaged or dead is removed and the tube is sealed. The pulp is deep in the tooth and contains blood vessels and nerves, reaching the central part of the tooth root and communicating with the jawbone. This surgery is not a small dental surgery and may require one to three appointments to do it thoroughly and correctly. It depends on various reasons like the scale of infection, how many teeth are infected or need treatment, and which tooth is infected as the inner tooth like molar takes the time to be treated. A root canal is not only used to get rid of the infection, but it is also used in case of the dental implant.

If the structure of your tooth is damaged and cannot support the implant properly or is coming in the way of the perfect fixture of implant then also doctors go for root canal treatment. They will clear the root canal and remove all the pulp from there. Then the dentist will implant the metal fixture in the hollow root of the tooth on which a metal tooth or a tooth look alike will be fixed as per the choice of the patient.

How successful are the Root Canal?

It has been shown through research that has about 95% success, which can be considered quite high.

Will the root canal treatment hurt?

A Root Canal treatment (endodontics) may involve some discomfort during the test so it is recommended to be relaxed for the anesthesia that takes effect quickly and does not bother.

It is common after a Root Canal for your tooth to be temporarily sensitive when chewing; it is a period of adjustment, so it is advised not to crush hard food, even by the ones that have not been restored by your dentist.

Is the procedure really necessary?

Although it might sound scary, the root canal treatment is a highly perfected art with a current success rate of 90%. Leaving the tooth alone could result in worse problems over time. One alternative is to simply have the entire tooth removed. However, depending on the location of the tooth, this could cause additional problems down the road and, worse, could be more expensive and painful.

How long does it take?

These days, a root canal treatment can be completed rather quickly. In short, a dentist in Mexico numbs the infected area, drills a hole in the top of the tooth, extracts the infected material, and fills the hole. Patients have reported slight pain and sensitivity in the days following the procedure, but there are over-the-counter medications available specifically for that concern. Before you know it, the procedure and any lasting effects will be a thing of the past.

There you have it, the most common questions asked about the root canal treatment. Knowing what to expect makes it that much easier to go in and get it done. It’s a rather simple, highly effective, and elegant procedure that beats waiting out tooth pain or getting the whole tooth removed.

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